About The Company

Ares Web Design is a company that was founded in Bakersfield, CA. This company is dedicated to building sites and implementing the newest and most optimized technology. It is our vision not only to make a site that is customizable but user friendly. We will strive to simplify your experience while creating your new site.

Scott Steinbeck is the founder of Ares Web Design. His vision began at a young age. He knew he wanted to help the world, and web development became his tool for creativeness. He started working for a web development company using ColdFusion and absolutely loved being able to turn simple ideas into creative, fun, and efficient solutions. Soon after he decided to peruse his own business taking on the challenge of migrating his knowledge in ColdFusion to PHP.

Scott has a wealth of experience designing modules such as: blogs, calendars, shopping carts, etc. But although his focus is mainly towards web design & development he also has experience with creating print media such as logos, buttons, business cards, flyers, tickets, and more.

Recommendations for everyone

Dropbox is the best online file sync program avaliable! Not only does it handle automatic syncronizing of your files from your computer or smart phone, but they also offer 1 free Gigabite of space just for joining, that is bigger than some thumbdrives and you dont have to carry it around with you all the time. Once the program is installed you can just drag the file you want into your drobox folder and its accessable from anwhere, there is a web interface so you dont have to have the program installed on your computer to access them and if you install the free app on your phone you can access them there too. Dropbox is compatible with:

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux
  • Mobile Devices
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Android Devices
    • Blackberry Devices

Dropbox is now intergrated with many popular apps, check them out:
Dropbox App Directory

StumbleUpon is an invalueable resource for just about anyone, it allows you to choose your categories and go it selects the most popular sites (reviewed by others and show you them based on your category choices), though this is not a by any means a search engine it is a great way to find new ideas and development. There are easily over 100 categories to choose from and if you "stumble" a page that you like, give it a "thumbs up" it will help the site creator get more views and it will automatically go into a list that you can view on your stumble page. Additionally you can share your favorite pages with anyone (reguardless if they have a StumbleUpon Account). Aside from the categories there is also a search that allows you to be a little more specific in your stumbling. Personally I use it to find new technology, security improvements, and new website ideas. Try it out i think you will love it!